Buckwheat Waffles

I get asked a lot what I eat for breakfast — I was never a big egg fan before so this is easy!  My cousin bought me a great Mickey Mouse waffle maker so I pull it out for fun any chance I get.

Simply find a buckwheat mix you like and follow the instructions — using an egg substitute and non dairy milk of course!  I like Arrowhead Mills Organic, they suggest an egg substitute and soy or rice milk right on the package.

Add some fresh fruit and you’re all set — effortless (remember my word?)!

I texted this photo to my sister and she said my niece, two year old Ruby, was all smiles when she saw it.  Luckily our other sister got her the same waffle maker for Christmas so she can enjoy Mickey waffles at her home in Denver.  My family is too far away!  Both of my sisters are in Denver, my dad in NY, aunts/uncles and cousins scattered through NY, VT, NH, and MA.  Moving to Florida was good for us in many ways and we’ve had visitors during the harsh winters but I think I’d rather be closer to family.  Is it time to uproot our lives again and move north?  My husband’s business base is in NY so he travels there constantly — maybe it’s best we move back and I can somehow deal with the cold and being away from the beach?  But what about my “little sister” — being a volunteer with Big Brothers/Sisters was one thing that kept me going when depressed last year — my little sister is a ball of fun energy, I would miss her terribly!  What’s a girl to do?

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