Canela’s story

You can tell from these photos there is a story to be told!

It all started when my husband John went down to Cancun in January to film a PSA for Cats & Dogs International  CANDI is a nonprofit organization in both the US and Canada whose mission is to save the lives of stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs, supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.  John was also involved in rescuing the now famous Luna, you can see part one of her story here (John is still editing part 2):  The story has a happy ending, she is healthy and living with a wonderful family in NY.

While there, John found a dog to adopt but it was discovered that he had parvo and didn’t survive.  John left Cancun without a new dog but one of the rescue workers, Hector Navarro (, kept an eye out for him.  Hector was able to rescue Canela (Cinnamon in Spanish) — you can see from the before photo that she had infections and mange — a terribly painful parasite.  Hector and his wife Carla were able to heal her body and soul and he called John and told him he found the dog for us!

Hector is so in love with Canela that he didn’t just want to put her on a plane to us, he came himself and is staying a few days to make sure the transition is easy for Canela (and himself).  We welcome Canela to the family — Ella is happy to finally have a sister!

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