Curried Mung Bean Soup

We are loving our pressure cooker — best Christmas gift, thanks dad!  My husband got the flu so I was on the hunt for some curative soups.  This one caught my attention while I was flipping through a Christmas gift from him — JL Field’s new cookbook Vegan Pressure Cooking: Beans, Grains, and One-Pot Meals in Minutes.

I’ve never used mung beans before but wondered when I saw them next to the lentils I normally grab on trips to the market.  The mung bean is highly nutritious with protein, fiber, potassium, iron, and magnesium.  It is a hardy bean and this recipe is packed with other healing ingredients such as sweet potato, onion, garlic, carrots, collard greens, and our favorite turmeric.

One of the reasons I think I noticed this recipe so quickly was that I had seen it before!  I receive a weekly email from and they were featuring this same recipe from JL’s new book a few weeks ago.  Considering that it was brought to my attention twice, I knew this was the soup that would help my husband recover.  To find the recipe use the link below — one note, I had to add additional time in the pressure cooker, the eight minutes suggested left the beans a bit crunchy, adding an additional five made them perfect for us.

It’s funny how I still long for warm soups during the winter, even with the windows open and 75 degrees outside in sunny Florida.  Our bodies are conditioned to certain foods — I guess that’s why we crave pumpkin flavored everything in October!  Maybe it’s also tied to that longing I mentioned in my last post, to head north to be closer to family.  I made a commitment to Effortlessness this year (see 1/1/15 post) — I’m finding it difficult to BE that word while making this decision…

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