Hug a Vegan Day!

I found this fun image on the “Being Vegan” Facebook page announcing that today is Hug a Vegan Day!  I thought what good timing because I am in need of hugs!  I’ve been struggling lately with my husband out of town — I miss him terribly.  While he’s away I tend to get into a rut of making the same foods and have nothing new to post!  Plus, I hate to admit it but I’m so out of integrity right now and need to come clean.  I’ve been cheating with cheese lately — I hate the milk industry and what happens to cows but cheese tastes so good!  I fall into old habits when I’m depressed and I’m in a deep one right now.  I left my job in the spring and thought I’d have no problem finding another, plus I was enjoying having the summer off!  But summer is over now and I’m bored.  Without a sense of purpose in the morning and with my husband gone, I’ve found solace in mac & cheese — isn’t that lame?  It’s my comfort food and as a result, I’ve been sick for weeks.  It dawned on me that I must have had a lactose intolerance and never realized it until I added it back into my diet after not having it for months.  Did that epiphany stopped the cheating?  Not until today — I’m taking a stand by admitting defeat to my readers and recommitting myself to a vegan lifestyle.  I just hope the cows can forgive my human moments of weakness…

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