Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

I’m in Colorado for my nieces High School Graduation — so proud of you Abby!  Both of my sisters live in Highlands Ranch, a large planned community south of Denver.  Highlands Ranch is a wonderful place to raise a family — they have a variety of entertainment, shopping, and food options within a few miles drive.  Everything is so clean and new, even the landscaping is exceptional.  Whenever we visit we’re always so jealous of all the food choices — they have everything you can imagine.  We didn’t get the chance to try the all vegan restaurant Native Foods but we were still well fed!  Pei Wei is always a favorite and this time we also tried a new place called Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill — a delicious goldmine for vegans!  Everything vegan on their menu is labeled with a V so it’s easy to decide as you walk down the counter — no need to ask how it’s prepared or what’s inside.  My husband and I settled on a “Plate” that gives you a variety of alternatives including hummus, grilled portobello mushrooms (our favorite), tabouleh, babaganoush, rice, stuffed grape leaves, salad, olives, and a sweet & spicy quinoa — so good with almonds, cranberries, and a jalapeno apricot dressing.  Served with your choice of wholewheat, white, or gluten free pita.

We immediately checked their website and they do have three locations in Florida — they are down in the Miami area so there is hope they will venture north west and end up in Tampa soon!  If you are close to one I highly recommend it — two thumbs up from my husband and I!

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