Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute

Wow this Field Roast is good!  Even my carnivore dad said it was “amazing!”  Then we were talking with my sister on the phone and he told her how much he enjoyed it.  Yummy for vegans and carnivores — make this for your next Sunday night dinner with roasted potatoes, onions, asparagus, and warm mushroom gravy like we did!

Happy New Year!  A mentor I’ve worked with, Christine Kane, says we should lose the New Year’s Resolutions and focus on the BE in our life.  Resolutions are DO-HAVE-BE,  “I will DO this thing, so I can HAVE this other thing, and then I can BE this thing.”  The best order for creating positive change in our life is the BE-DO-HAVE model.  I learned this many years ago with LifeSpring/WorldWorks transformational training and Christine reminded me that when you start from BE the DO and HAVE follow more easily.  My friend Diana Penning pointed out to me that our Grad School Alma Matter starts with the motto, “To Be” — another touchstone that BE is the right path.

Christine recommends a better ritual for the new year — choosing a word that will guide us throughout the year.  She gives the example of a resolution to get organized — instead, chose the word Release.  Release inspires us in a bigger way than get organized.  As we come from a Release perspective we understand that we’re holding on to more than just physical clutter — resentment or extra weight that are affecting our health.

This year I’m going to BE the word Effortlessness.  2014 was a very difficult year for me — getting laid off and now at the five month mark of not being able to find another position.  I didn’t really mind losing that job because it was not challenging  and I wasn’t listened to when two bad decisions were made.  These mistakes eventually caused the failure I foretold and my team and I suffered.  Plus, my husband travels so often I get lonely and depressed.  These circumstances have had me feeling a lack of purpose and as a result too many things take so much effort that I give up or don’t even start.  Exercise, cluttered garage, endless weeding, job searching, even getting out of bed some days.  If I approach everything effortlessly I will then do what needs to be done and have what is vital for my growth and overall health.

On another note, it’s been a tough year but also a great one!  I’ve finally let go of some negativity I’ve been holding onto for years — as I near 50 I now get that resentment is only hurting me!  I have found closure and true peace and it’s quite cathartic.  I’ve engaged in some volunteer work that has been very rewarding and I have an amazing husband — he does travel often but it just makes the time we’re together all that more sweet!  I love creating healthy vegan meals for us and of course writing about it in this blog!  We’ve had many visitors from family and friends this year and I’ve captured wonderful memories, plus there is always the beach — just watching the sunset there makes everything better.

Christine has created a word self discovery tool, go to this link to request your free copy! http://christinekane.com/word/

What will your word be?

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