Vegan Mac & Cheese

Earth Balance has done it!  They’ve created a vegan mac and cheese that would pass a blind taste test with Kraft.  Not that Kraft mac and cheese is the height of culinary delight but it is a comfort food that I was very much in need of after getting two suspicious moles removed from my back.  It hurt worse that I thought it would and I was being a big baby!  I was hungry and just wanted comfort food.  My husband whipped up a box of Earth Balance Mac & Cheese with Earth Balance butter and almond milk and it was just the medicine I needed.

The moles turned out to be nothing to worry about but I’ve learned a lesson — no more laps in the pool sans suit!  Although, skinny dipping is truly one of life’s wonderful pleasures and when you have a private pool all secluded with a six foot fence, why not?

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