Thai Curry Corn Soup

I’ve been terribly sick all week and been living on pastina soup — mom always made me pastina when I wasn’t feeling well, of course it was with chicken broth back then.  My husband has been doing a great job taking care of my every need and making vegan pastina (veggie broth, sliced garlic, turmeric, carrots, and pastina pasta).  Today is the first day I started feeling human again but now he’s sick!  So we’ll continue on with curative soups but he wants more flavor so I made this Thai Curry Corn Soup today.  I followed the recipe precisely and felt it needed more curry so I added an additional teaspoon.  I also added a teaspoon of turmeric (for its healing properties) and about a tablespoon of Sriracha instead of red pepper flakes.  Follow the link below for the recipe to this very quick and flavorful soup!


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