Canela Update

Canela is doing very well and fitting in nicely with our family.  She is very sweet and enjoys to cuddle — when I pet her and stop she’ll take her paw and move my arm back to pet her some more!  She and Ella are so fun together — Ella will lick Canela all over her face; Canela loves the attention.

She’s now so comfortable in her new home she’s started defending her territory with barks when someone comes to the door.  The problem with this is that every little bump in the night causes her to leap out of bed and bark at nothing.  Has led to a few sleepless nights — even Ella stays in bed and wishes Canela wouldn’t have woken us all up.  She’ll eventually calm down and relax a bit.

Canela loves going to the beach and laying in the sun — I’ll often find her lazing in our pool yard when I get home from work.  She’s the perfect addition to our family and I can’t imagine life without her!

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