Tampa Bay Veg Fest & Dr. Neal D. Barnard!

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I met one of my heroes at the Tampa Bay Veg Fest — Dr. Neal D. Barnard!  His books have changed our lives, I recommend you check out “Program for Reversing Diabetes” and “21-Day Weight Loss Kick Start” — easy reads.  Click on the link above to visit Dr. Barnard’s website.

Dr. Barnard was a headline speaker at the Veg Fest — my friend Cindy and I arrived early and got the chance to meet and chat with him a bit, he was so gracious in answering our questions and seemed genuinely interested in our results.  His lecture was so inspiring we walked out excited and recommitted to Vegan eating.  He was there promoting his new book, “Power Foods for the Brain” and we were amazed at the research.  Some highlights:

  • Americans eat one million animals per hour!
  • High fat diets of meat and dairy triple your risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • 21 year study showed double the risk of mild cognitive impairment with high fat diet.
  • Those with the APOE4 Alzheimer’s gene were able to cut their risk of developing the disease by 80% with a vegan diet!
  • Shellfish has twice the fat and cholesterol as steak!
  • Use nuts as an ingredient, not as a snack because they have cocaine in them (okay this was a joke but he said they are that addictive!)
  • It’s the concord grape in wine that gives us the health benefit, not the wine itself – have grapes or other colorful fruits daily.
  • Animal protein linked to gradual loss of kidney function.
  • Cheese is so addictive because it has the highest concentration of casein (main protein in dairy shown to cause cancer in rats) in any food — literally acts as an opiate!
  • Instead of thinking that you have to give up meat and dairy — think of it in terms of giving up diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol!
  • The kids growing up today — 50% of them will get cancer with their current unhealthy diet of fast food.

Dr. Barnard was the highlight of the day but we also enjoyed visiting the vendors, trying food samples, and getting coupons — we’ll be back next year!



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