Garlic Green Beans

While on Long Island, Kathy and Frank threw a BBQ so we could meet all their friends and enjoy a drum circle (I was surrounded by incredible musicians!).  One dish that stood out for me was Kathy’s green (and yellow) beans.  So simple yet delicious!  Simply boil or steam the beans until tender and then toss with a lot of extra virgin olive oil (she kept pouring and wasn’t sure the amount) with several cloves of minced garlic and Himalayan sea salt to taste — make sure every bean is coated in oil.  They were the best beans I’d ever had, had a slight artichoke heart flavor — yum!


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  1. Kathy - September 6, 2013 12:56 pm

    Have to give all of the credit to my good friend Marie from Schenectady for this one!!


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