A Birthday Wish!

Today is my birthday and if my wish comes true when I blow out the candles everyone will want to be vegan!  Thought I’d re-share a post from the early days of this blog to help you with the transition.

Tip #1: Start slow — don’t go cold turkey (or tofurkey!) or you may get discouraged.  Add more vegetarian meals to your diet before going vegan.  I don’t even miss meat at all — in fact, the thought of it makes me sick now.  I still miss cheese though, there are some good substitutes (Daiya Cheese) but when I get a craving for real cheese I simply conjure up the sad image of a calf being taken away from its mother so the cow can produce milk for humans — gets me every time!

Tip #2: Educate yourself — on the health benefits, factory farming, and environmental factors.  Read vegan health books (Get Healthy, Go Vegan by Neal Barnard, MD) and get a simple vegan cookbook (Quick Fix Vegan by Robin Robertson), watch the movies, “Forks over Knives” and “Vegucated” , talk to a doctor that understands the vegan diet (make sure to take supplements for B12 and D), and of course check out my blog on a regular basis!

Tip #3: Don’t do it alone!  I started this to support my husband and his quest to reverse his diabetes — I knew he couldn’t do it without me and in turn, he has been a great support to me!  We are saving money but not eating out as much and we’re having fun cooking together!

Tip #4: Find some quick food choices for the times you’re feeling vulnerable.  Always have foods on hand that are satisfying and quick like Boca burgers or an Amy’s frozen vegan meal.  Find out where you can go in your area to eat vegan food out for those days you just can’t bring yourself to cook — we enjoy Moe’s Southwest Grill, they have the Art Vandelay veggie burrito with tofu!  In a pinch, the TacoBell veggie Catina burrito is a fast option — you can even get the 7 layer burrito without cheese and sour cream (then it’s 5 layers) and stay on a vegan eating plan.

Tip #5: Keep it fun and simple — plant your own garden, frequent your local farmers market (luckily they are all over the place in Florida), and commit to the lifestyle — you will notice the rewards of eating healthier right away!

Tomorrow, we’re heading to the Adirondacks for two weeks to spend some time with family on Lake George — dad has four little cabins on the lake and they hold the fondest memories along with the draw of total relaxation and family fun!  I probably won’t be posting much while gone so think about these five tips and making the transition — try it for a week!


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