Meet your Meat: Cows

Scientist in the United Kingdom discovered that cows enjoy solving problems and even experience “Eureka” moments when they are successful — just like humans.

The following information comes from the Farm Sanctuary — check them out at:

Dairy cows are forced to produce ten times more milk than they would in nature — they often suffer from painful udder infections, lameness, and other ailments.  Not to mention that their babies are taken away from them so they can produce milk for us!

Although a cow in nature can live more than twenty years, a dairy cow is sent for slaughter when their milk production declines at four or five years old — depleted of calcium after years of heavy milk production, worn-out dairy cows often slip and fall en route to slaughter.

Male dairy calves are slaughtered at just a few days old; others are raised for beef or sent to veal farms where they spend their short, miserable lives in intensive confinement — they are packed into small, individual crates that prevent them from turning around or lying down comfortably.

Beef cattle spend most of their lives on extremely crowded feedlots, less than 20 square feet of living space is typical.  They often undergo painful procedures such as branding, castration, and dehorning without pain relief.

I saw a video on YouTube that I can’t get out of my mind — no blood or gore, just a cow on it’s back moving along a conveyer belt, knowing the end was near.  The look on the cows face will forever haunt me!

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