Meet your Meat: Chicken

I’ve been debating discussing how animals are treated on the way to our table but it is a necessary evil in a vegan blog.  I’ll share what I found in some literature published by Farm Sanctuary, a wonderful organization in upstate NY, check them out:

First let me share that research has proved that chickens are as smart as dogs, cats, and even some primates.  In a natural setting, a mother hen begins to teach her chicks various calls before they even hatch — she clucks softly to them while sitting on the eggs, and they chirp back to her from inside their shells.  Unfortunately, chickens on factory farms never meet their mothers.

The male chicks are the “lucky” ones as they are typically ground up alive and used for feed.  Egg-laying hens are among the most abused of all farm animals.  On factory farms, four or more hens are forced to live inside tiny wire enclosures called battery cages.  In these confines, the hens are unable to stretch their wings or legs, fulfill social needs, or engage in natural behaviors.  Because they are constantly rubbing against the wire of battery cages, hens suffer severe feather loss and are covered with bruises and abrasions.  Chicken’s beaks are seared off with a hot blade to stop them from pecking at each other — a result of unnatural and overcrowded conditions.

In order to shock their bodies into another egg-laying cycle when production declines, the hens are denied food, water, and light for up to two weeks — this is called forced molting.  After a year of egg production the hens are typically slaughtered because they are spent.

Chickens are genetically manipulated and dosed with antibiotics to make them grow so large to provide large breast meat for us.  This causes them to become crippled under their own weight.

Please, buy your chicken and eggs from humane farms!

“So called farms today treat animals like so many boxes in a warehouse…just a horrible catalog of abuses that, if done to dogs or cats, would be illegal on grounds of animal cruelty.” – James Cromwell

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