Ella Enchanted

Ella joined the family after our beloved Molly passed away from cancer — we were both heartbroken as she literally was the perfect dog.  We adopted Ella from Animal Protective Foundation — a great rescue organization in upstate, NY where we used to live (Molly came from there as well).  If you’ve seen the movie “Ella Enchanted” you’ll remember that it was about a girl who was under a spell to always be obedient.  I gave this post that movie title because it makes me laugh — our dear Ella didn’t have an obedient bone in her body when she joined our family at six months old.  I had always adopted adult dogs before so I didn’t know what we were getting into with a puppy!  I thought it would be fun like the Animal Planet show “Too Cute” — nope!  If it could have been chewed it was, if there was a surface that hadn’t already been peed or pooped on it soon was defiled — she took quickly to the dog door and would be out in the yard for hours and then come in to immediately poop right next to me!  She taught me patience…

It’s been two years now and Ella is very well behaved — she is so playful and affectionate.  She loves to snuggle in our bed every night and her favorite thing to do is go to the beach and run!   She is a very social dog and needs a playmate because Simba can’t be bothered (see yesterday’s post).  She does not know about a big surprise that is happening later today!  Make sure to log in tomorrow for the heartwarming story of a new miracle addition to our family — from the streets of Mexico!

P.S. Ella was a picky eater but loves her new vegan food!



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