Simba, the Cat King

Being an animal lover goes hand in hand with a vegan lifestyle.  I thought I’d write a few posts on our furry family and how they enjoy being vegan too!  I have to start with Simba of course because he is very much in charge around here — he allows us humans to live with him because he enjoys being fed and cuddling on the couch!  But most of the time he’s outside lazing by the pool or ignoring Ella’s attempts to play (Ella is our dog — more about her tomorrow).

Simba was born in July 1999.  His mom was a barn cat when I lived on a farm in Virginia.  Simba was bitten by a fox as a newborn and mom couldn’t heal his wounds so I quickly took over the responsibility!  He was so tiny I could hold him in the palm of my hand and I had to bottle feed him until he was ready for solid food.  He is a grateful kitty and very loved around here.

When we went vegan we wrestled with buying pet food with animal products in it but decided that since our “kids” didn’t have a voice it wasn’t fair for us to force our lifestyle on them.  Last week while visiting the Loving Hut (see earlier post about our experience) we noticed they sold vegan pet food so we thought we’d pick some up to test it out.  Both Simba and Ella loved it!  We’ve been alternating between the old and new to get them used to it.  Yesterday morning I poured the old into Simba’s bowl and he just looked up at me and started bitching (he has this adorable silent meow when he’s upset).  Now let me just say that Simba is all about eating — he is a BIG guy and is constantly hungry because of his thyroid condition.  For him to not immediately devour his food is a miracle!  So I decided to add some of the vegan food on top and he started chowing down!  He actually prefers the vegan food over his old food — I’m now more in love with him than ever!


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